What is a Private Network?

Ready for use now! It is a complete solution for 4G and/or 5G networks for Enterprise & institutions both public and private. It allows for improved autonomy, security and robustness and is an excellent alternative for mission-critical areas such as medicine, infrastructure, office communications and a wide variety of use cases including alternativies to PHS, landlines/Deskphones, WiFI networks, Macro MNO/MVNO package, Lorawan, SIGFOX etc.

It supports all standard smart phones (iPhone & Android), M2M, IOT and all OTT services.

Private Networks for 4G or 5G are a future proof investment, it will evolve with seamless migration to 4G to 5G technologies and beyond when they become available.

What can JIT provide?

Application/Service On Premise Cloud
Full Core 4G/5G EPC (Data, SMS, VoLTE, HQVOIP)
ACS (Access Control Server)
SMS Broadcast
PBX Service
PTT (Push To Talk) Service
Network Analytics & Planning Tool
Device Threat Management, User Analytics, Site access restictions
UE Quality Assurance
eSIM Service
SIM Cards*[1]
eNB /Access Points*[2]
UE / Handsets*[3]
Installation Support
Custmer Support
    *[1]: JIT can provide SIM cards on reqeust for specified IMSI ranges.
    *[2]: JIT can provides eNB on reqeust. B39 is available for private LTE networks., B38/41 is available for local LTE networks.
    *[3]: JIT can provide the UE such as Sharp/Fujitsu on request.

    Integration with other technologies and applications such as PCRF, ETWS, eMBMS, eSIM is ongoing.

A typical private 4G/5G Private Network

    sXGP Network

Next Steps?

For further information, ccontact us now at info@jitechnology.com (info@jitechnology.com). JIT work with many leading Japanese System Integrators, OEMs for delivery of the solution.