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Mar 2024
JIT   enable a Japan Tier1 MNO to migrate critical services between global vendors using our HA and Proxy Solutions.
Jan 2024
JIT with Druid   sign agreement with leading Japan System Integrator to provide private 4G and local 5G core platform
July 2023
BBB   promotion of   VoLTE Nurse Call   to expand private 4G/LTE/sXGP services in Japan
June 2023
JIT  completes SERVICE-IN of our   JIT-HA   supported APPLICATIONS GATEWAY CLUSTER with a Japan Tier-1 MNO
Dec 2022
Druid Software    RAEMIS 5G + LEADING SI/MULTI GNB INTEGRATION TESTING completed for Local 5G oppotunities
July 2022
JIT   successfully demonstate the   Druid   4G/5G SA core with concurrent private 4G sXGP eNB and  AI-LINK  SA local 5G gNB
June 2022
Sharp Acquos 4JIT have confirmed the newest sXGP device from Sharp with our Druid EPC. The Aquos 4 supports eSIM using 10T, VoLTE, SMS, Data over sXGP in addition to Local 5G.
Feb 2022
JIT & Druid Software   partnership to provide next generation sXGP/L4G/L5G EPC.
Jan 2022
Quortus  EPC technology & people are acquired by Ericsson's Cradlepoint.
Nov 2021
JIT participate in a Kyoto Smart City expo to discuss smart city evolution and private/local 4G & 5G networks & services.
Oct 2021
JIT confirm TeloSystems TE590P LTE device for private 4G networks. A robust & durable dual SIM android UE designed for PTT.
Oct 2021
JIT confirm JACS TD191 USB LTE Data dongle on a private 4G network. Ideal for connecting laptops/devices to a private network.
Sept 2021
ITEC   to deploy an on-prem Walkielabs PTT server with android PTT clients (Walkiefleet) using sXGP / private LTE.
Jul 2021
JIT   successfully complete an eSIM & sXGP trial using Quortus EPC, eSIM UE, JIT ACS and 10T Tech eSIM profile manager service.
Jul 2021
BBB   launch their sXGP portable kits enabled by the Quortus software 4G/LTE EPC.
Jun 2021
JIT     have completed a formal live trial of a complete sXGP environment in our Shibuya office. The testing included utilizing the latest multi-channel Accuver eNBs, Sharp UEs with the Quortus 4G/LTE EPC core.
May 2021
JIT   Access Control Server (JIT ACS) is updated to support eSIM SM-DP+ integration with sXGP / private LTE networks.
Apr 2021
JIT   are partnering with WalkieLabs to provide Push To Talk (PTT) solution for 4G & 5G networks.
Mar 2021
JIT   are partnering with Endeavour Technology to provide a network quality assurance solution for 4G & 5G networks.
Feb 2021
JIT   annouces our partnership in Japan with   Kudelski IOT , the industry leading IoT & Device security company.
Dec 2020
ITEC   complete sXGP trial in remote Forestry/mountain environment using Quortus EPC & JIT ACS.
Nov 2020
JIT   is supporting a large automotive company to evaluate private LTE/sXGP use cases in a cognitive city environment.
Nov 2020
JIT   release our user experience & analytics application for local & private 4G.